Vicinity launches progressive new Parental Lave

  • Removing primary and secondary carer roles
  • Further promoting equality in the workplace – designed for ‘Every Family’
  • Paid parental leave entitlement raised to 16 weeks
  • New employees are eligible to access the leave as soon as they start at Vicinity

Vicinity has today announced a progressive new parental leave policy, designed for every family, providing all parents greater opportunity to be present for the important moments in their child’s early years.

The new policy will help foster greater workplace equality and encourage cultural change both within and beyond Vicinity around traditionally gendered caregiving roles.

Vicinity CEO and Managing Director, Grant Kelley, said the new parental leave policy would help ease some of the apprehension held by primary carers while allowing secondary carers to be present for the important moments.

“We know only 6.5% of Australian men take primary carer leave. By removing primary and secondary allocations and allowing 16 weeks of parental leave, in two blocks at any time in the first two years, we are presenting both parents the opportunity to support each other during such an important time in life.”

“At Vicinity, we believe every parent should have an equal opportunity to play an active role in the first years of their child’s life. Our ‘Every Family - Paid Parental Leave’ policy is inclusive and accessible, whilst also offering flexibility and choice,” Mr Kelley said.

“With our updated policy we also recognise the difficulty and heartache of pregnancy loss, which is why we are providing miscarriage and stillbirth provisions to help families take time to support each other.”

The new policy has advantages in the workplace too as it supports our team members to pursue and develop their career at Vicinity with flexibility and purpose, whilst growing their family.”

Highlights of the policy

  • 16 weeks paid leave: all permanent team members are entitled to 16 weeks of paid leave, which can be taken in one or two blocks of leave e.g.
    • Eight weeks when the child arrives and another eight weeks at a later date, or
    • 12 weeks then two days per week for a further 10 weeks before returning to normal hours
  • Pregnancy Loss Provision: paid leave for miscarriage (one week leave for loss between 12-20 weeks of pregnancy), and stillbirth (full parental leave for loss after 20 weeks of pregnancy)
  • No Minimum Tenure
  • Superannuation contributions continue on Unpaid Leave
  • Keeping In Touch (KIT) days: All team members can access up to 10 paid KIT days if they want them
  • Circle-In Program: The program contains guidance and resources aimed at supporting our parents and parents-to-be.

For further information please contact:

Joel Crean
T: +61 447 044 215

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