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  • If issues occur please review the "Support" section below.

  • If using a non company PC ensure your Citrix XenApp Client is correctly installed as per "Citrix XenApp Client Download" section, refer to the Client Downloads tab above.



Client Downloads

Citrix XenApp

When using Citrix XenApp applications from non-company computers, you need to install the appropriate Citrix XenApp Client software on your Windows PC (or Apple Mac PC).


You MUST remove any prior version of Citrix clients via your PC's Add/remove Programs under Control Panel. To install the software, click the here and run the Setup program. When installation complete, restart your internet browser and PC if asked.

Note: Limited after hours support/expertise for MAC. Try Windows PC's before calling where possible.



If you have issues with your login, please contact IT Support phone (03) 7001 4040. 

If your call is not answered immediately, please leave a voice message. You can expect to receive a call back within 30 minutes.

Please call the IT support specialist back if the issue resolves itself or if an alternate resolution was found.



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